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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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Author Susan McPherson on why the lost art of connecting is paramount to our times

How does one build meaningful connections in a world ruled by technological devices and social media platforms? It’s been reported time and time again that we are more engaged on our phones than we are with each other. Add a global pandemic that has forced us to live socially distanced and the ability to truly connect feels even more difficult. Thankfully, author, businesswoman, and a serial connector, Susan McPherson, has a remedy to bring back the true art of connecting in her latest book The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Business Relationships. In this exclusive interview, Susan shares how her book will help readers become more intentional about the connections they’re making so that they are not only meaningful but long-lasting.

Rosie Report Podcast Season 2

Season 2 | Episode 5: The future of inclusive online communities with A. Walton Smith

Brad Grossman, Founder and CEO of ZEITGUIDE, talks with A. Walton Smith We Are Rosie’s very own Head of Content & Community Engagement as well as Founder of Black Woman Owned, a community giving #BlackWomanOwned businesses visibility through social media as a means to increase their revenue. The two talk about social media’s role in community building and what the ideal future of inclusive and prosperous online communities look like.

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