the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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Flexible work is here to stay – here’s a list of solutions for leaders to make it work

The future of work is flexible work and the future is now. This past year has proven that remote work is not only possible to manage but also yields great results. Rigid work schedules have made it challenging for people, especially mothers, to care for their families and be their best at the office. This piece dives right into the various reasons why flexible work is necessary and ways companies can make it work.

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It’s time to figure remote work out culturally, not just logistically

A year after the pandemic hit many people are still working remotely, however, some companies are itching to get back to the office. They believe that a lack of IRL interaction is impeding productivity. Author of Roadmap for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism and Advocacy for All, Elisa Camahort, challenges this notion and argues that companies should reassess their current work culture and find ways to create one that will fit a remote work environment capable of fostering collaboration and innovation.

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Why brands should trust the creator economy – a conversation with Zoe Scaman

Content creators are taking ownership of their work and creativity, growing an audience, and monetizing like never before. But to continue growth, means to evolve and find new ways to reach communities. In an interview with Zoe Scaman, we’ll hear how creators can thrive in the creator economy with personalized content, varying streams of revenue, discovery options, and why brands need to learn to trust a little.

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