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the future of work for everyone, by everyone


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Rosie Report Podcast Season 2

Season 2 | Episode 1: The future of work for refugees with Lorraine Charles

Kiana Pirouz, Head of Marketing at We Are Rosie and Co-Curator of Before We Were Banned interviews Lorraine Charles, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Na’amal, which provides support for refugees and other vulnerable populations to access dignified livelihoods, particularly remote work. The two discuss Lorraine’s mission and what the ideal future of work for refugees looks like.

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Designing a culture of belonging for the future of work

Belonging (or not belonging) at work is a lived experience for employees, but should be a practiced value and KPI for businesses. In new research, Sarah Judd Welch, Principal and CEO of innovation consultancy Sharehold examines the impact of mass remote work, civil turbulence and general uncertainty on our sense of belonging at work, and offers insight into a future in which everyone can perform at full potential.

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Finding community in a growing remote-first world is becoming easier than ever before

Community-building isn’t just for social media marketers, urban development planners, or your neighborhood’s town hall meetings -- they’re for anyone looking outside of their work friendships to support their mental health, career aspirations and personal hobbies. Thanks to the internet and the need for social distancing, everyone from media agency employees to freelancers, from hikers to book readers, are tapping into digital communities to foster growth and connection.

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