the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

We are grateful for your interest in contributing to The Rosie Report!

It is our mission to bring diverse and representative voices to the future of work narrative. If you are an influential thought leader, a member of the Rosie community, or just a person in the world with a provocative point of view on the future of work, we welcome submissions that fit our editorial guidelines:

  • 700-1,000 words (because, SEO)
  • Come from a place of love and optimism (please no haters)
  • Give us something that hasn’t been published before (gotta keep it fresh, y’all)
  • Make us think big (think mind blown emoji)
  • Aim to serve the community before yourself (AKA no self-promotion, unless you wanna be a sponsor)

Submit a story using the form below and one of our Editors will be in touch with you soon.