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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

Good Reads

We’ve read ’em and recommend ’em

Do it for Yourself

Do It For Yourself by Kara Cutruzzula

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or planning your future, understanding what makes you tick is the crucial first step in making things happen. 

The Lost Art of Connecting by Susan McPherson

For those tired of tech-driven, transactional networking, a guide to reclaiming the power of human contact―and a new approach for developing lasting and fulfilling personal connections.

Check out our Rosie Report interview with Susan McPherson.

The Human Cloud by Matthew Mottola

A Call to Action: The Human Cloud is the critical guide to our times. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to write the new normal for transforming the way work happens. 

Get Over "I Got It" by Elayne Fluker

Too many ambitious women strive to accomplish all their goals alone, leading to dangerous levels of stress and anxiety. Learn how a strong support network and meaningful connections are crucial not only to your long-term success, but to your peace of mind.

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