the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

 Host and Founder of We Are Rosie Stephanie Nadi Olson dives deep into re-imagining the future of work in advertising and marketing with guests representing emerging voices changing the game across the industry.

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Episode 7:

How to push for action to make space for systemic change.

The movement against racism and injustice is far from over. Social media may get quieter, but we need to stay in motion. At a time when skill evolution, inclusion, and diversity are so critically important, embracing flexible talent and building communities with each other, not for each other, can work in the favor of both talent and business. It’s a competitive advantage opportunity today that will be a prerequisite to survival tomorrow. In this episode of the Rosie Report podcast, Steph sits down with Nate Nichols and Stefanie Behringer from Palette Group, a commercial creative agency focused on producing content for campaign activations both online and offline. The three chat about creating change in our industry and the power of community through intentional virtual events, mission-driven organizations, and meaningful networking. 

Nate and Steffi’s background and accomplishments definitely don’t stop with their creative work at Palette Group. They are the brilliant minds behind Freelancer Cyber Summit and Allyship + Action. Freelancer Cyber Summit was a wildly successful virtual event series launched in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, while Allyship + Action broke out on the scene last month as a direct response to adland’s responsibility to Black and marginalized talent, igniting real conversations, action & accountability across the industry. 

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