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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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Industry wake-up call — the power is with the people.

In this episode of the Rosie Report podcast, Steph sits down with Bennett Bennett, former journalist at The Drum and former copywriter at BBDO who recently made the transition to marketing and content consulting under the name Aerialist. You might also recognize his name for the open letter he recently spearheaded that was signed by 600+ Black advertising professionals, directing industry leadership with 12 urgent actions to create more inclusivity for Black talent, which has now formed as a non-profit. Bennett now holds the title of Co-Founder and VP, Partnerships for 600 and Rising. There is no question that action over allyship is what this movement needs, and that’s exactly what this episode dives into. From the role Bennett’s open letter has played to the role that brands will continue to play, Steph and Bennett cover the current industry revolution and the ways in which we can all individually work towards the positive change we desperately need to see


Up until his more recent switch to independent working and being a voice for making change, Bennett Bennett has spent his career working on the agency side as well as for global brand consultancies as an award-winning copywriter and expert marketing and content lead. 

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