the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

case studies

We’re super proud of the work we’ve done with these incredible brands, and grateful to our enlightened client partners who are helping to create the future of work in marketing and advertising.


Rosie helps a start-up minded marketing organization meet the new demand of a globally scaled org


Precision-fit Rosies help an F50 marketing department keep a future-focused pace amidst 8 parental leaves

Media Agency

Employing Rosies saves 15 jobs and raises leadership consciousness about layoffs in general


Rosie deploys an interim CMO and an elastic team of consultants to launch a new software product end-to-end

PR Agency

Rosies take the pressure off HR and hiring managers to slow the “revolving talent door”


A “SEAL team” of Rosies establish a digital foundation for a growth-focused start-up

Safe-Guard Products, International

Rosies “level up” the in-house agency and inspire the overall talent strategy