the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

Welcome to The Rosie Report, a central hub for all voices shaping the future of work to be heard. Manifested by We Are Rosie in 2020, The Rosie Report began as a report and quickly swelled into a podcast, website, and newsletter series. Thanks for being here to help us create the future we all deserve. And please don’t be shy with your comments, suggestions, and pitches!

Meet our Editors-In-Residence


Analisa Cantu

Freelance Content Strategist

I’m a freelance content strategist based in Houston, Texas. I help brands create strategic content that drives revenue. My consults have included Bumble, HBOLatino, SaaS start-ups, a subscription box brand, female-focused media companies, publishing houses, and more. When I’m not helping brands do less boring stuff online, I’m hanging out with my foster pup @rosiethefosterfail and waiting for my next Libby hold to be ready to borrow.

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website


Dominique Dajer

Creative Storyteller

I’m Dominique — a creative storyteller, Latinx woman and native New Yorker. My multimedia career stems from a collection of my childhood interests: scrapbooking, fashion design, finding new ways to express myself. While majoring in Advertising and PR during college, and studying journalism and publishing, I refined my storytelling skills.  This is where my passion for community-driven work and brands with strong values began. Today, I implement these skills into all aspects of my life. I thrive in finding creative solutions for brands and people — starting with listening to brands and their audience, creating strategic plans, writing copy and producing digital content. From print and digital advertising, blogs, social media, op-eds, campaign writing and more, my writing style adapts to organically and authentically reach each audience where they live.

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About We Are Rosie

We Are Rosie is a thriving (and growing!) marketing consulting cloud of over 6,000 independent experts skilled across marketing, media, creative, strategy, technology, analytics, and more. Founded in 2018 by Stephanie Nadi Olson, We Are Rosie is a woman-owned, bootstrapped company that augments marketing teams at Fortune 500 brands and agencies, including Bumble, LinkedIn, IBM, and Microsoft. Their lightweight, on-demand, curated talent model makes it easier for brands to do their best work.