the future of work for everyone, by everyone

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the future of work for everyone, by everyone

Welcome to The Rosie Report, a central hub for all voices shaping the future of work to be heard. Manifested by We Are Rosie in 2020, The Rosie Report began as a report and quickly swelled into a podcast, website, and newsletter series. Thanks for being here to help us create the future we all deserve. And please don’t be shy with your comments, suggestions, and pitches!

Meet our Editor-In-Chief

Asha Atkins

Marketing Strategist & Storyteller

I’m a Caribbean – American writer and Army brat who calls New York home. After graduating from the University of Maryland with an English Literature degree, I worked as a counselor and educator for inner-city youth in D.C. and New York. My experience with young BIPOC’s helped me be a better listener, more empathetic, and attentive, and strengthened my storytelling abilities. I currently work in media and advertising for an ad tech company and am a freelance copywriter and creator/host of the Truth Is Podcast. I love film, television, and am a Toni Morrison stan. My ultimate goal is to tell honest stories of marginalized people.


Meet our Editors-In-Residence

Joe Cole

Creative Strategist

I’m wildly curious, multiple-exclamation-points-using passionate, and eternally optimistic. I’m an avid reader, trends forecaster, and an artist whose ethos is “Inspire joy.” I’ve spent the last 8ish years wearing a lot of very different hats for very different ad agencies. Essentially, I’m a Creative Strategist swiss army knife. However, my future will likely look different than my past — my mission moving forward is to make the world a better place. While my current focus is to find a role that has a hand in developing more diverse and representative creative spaces, I am also interviewing at a variety of non-profits, mission-focused brands, and progressive orgs.

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Dominique Dajer

Creative Storyteller

I’m Dominique — a creative storyteller, Latinx woman and native New Yorker. My multimedia career stems from a collection of my childhood interests: scrapbooking, fashion design, finding new ways to express myself. While majoring in Advertising and PR during college, and studying journalism and publishing, I refined my storytelling skills.  This is where my passion for community-driven work and brands with strong values began. Today, I implement these skills into all aspects of my life. I thrive in finding creative solutions for brands and people — starting with listening to brands and their audience, creating strategic plans, writing copy and producing digital content. From print and digital advertising, blogs, social media, op-eds, campaign writing and more, my writing style adapts to organically and authentically reach each audience where they live.

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About We Are Rosie

We Are Rosie is a thriving (and growing!) community of over 7,000 independent marketing experts, available on-demand to augment, complement, backfill, or accelerate the in-house teams and capabilities of Fortune 500 brands and agencies with a flexible layer of highly skilled, highly diverse talent. We Are Rosie’s full-service, on-demand, curated talent model and proprietary talent matching process enable brands like Bumble, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft to enhance their in-house marketing capabilities, seamlessly pivot or shift, and pursue growth with limited risk.